The new knight rider sucks

Originally posted by Flawed: And since there are no more camaros, had to switch to something. The new Michael has a side kick, government agents assisting and a team of people at the home base. Truly an amazing moment for me. Now before I shut up, I have to defend this show a little bit. Even before the new Knight Rider was a series I had already written about it. As KR fans we should of got a lot better and we didn't. Disgusted, I clicked away.

Knight Rider 2008: Did It Suck?

Knight Rider 2 – The Game

A computerized talking car didn't seem to be enough. In a recent interview, David Hasselhoff said he can't imagine a Knight Rider reunion hitting the big screen. Registered: Jan 14, Posts: As for the car itself. None of the factory-spec elements of Knight Rider have any current relevance — the bluetooth headsets, hipster lesbianism, and cheesy poker games already feel like dated cultural relics. Some critics slammed the show.

Knight Rider lives on with the new KITT car - Everbody Sucks But Us | Everbody Sucks But Us

A computerized talking car didn't seem to be enough. If we did a Knight Rider movie and it sucked, then it would, you know, blemish it. If you want to call it "titilating" or "gratuitous", fine, but raunch is a bit much. But he's rescued and revived by Knight Industries. Annoying video effects and hype. No endorsements, no toys, no lunchboxes, no Big Wheels, no real connections to the 08 show
It was like a different car with the same title of the show we used to love. Okay, digital effects can only be as good as the budget will allow but how hard a detail is it to make sure shot to shot the guy stays in the correct lane. What's my favorite episode? His personalty and his interior was just blah. He did have a guy named Devon Miles who every week would give him his missions. Apparently Val Kilmer's cold voice isn't enough to bring the temperature down, and the AC is set to "MAX" and the cabin temp is still rising.
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